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29. January 2016
Poster presentation Single Use Bioreactor SB10-X for Cell Culture Scale-Up and Bulk Protein Production

Poster SB10-X

Kuhner has presented a poster at Peptalk in San Diego, CA Jan 18-20, 2016 titled: “A New Orbital-Mixed 2L-12L Single Use Bioreactor for Cell Culture Scale-Up and Bulk Protein Production”.

This poster, a collaborative effort between Daniel Luescher of Celonic AG and Kuhner Shaker AG, features cell culture data from Celonic AG in the SB10-X single use bioreactor. The SB10-X is Kuhner Shaker’s 2L-12L single use bioreactor and has been successfully used to cultivate mammalian, microbial and plant cells. The poster with Celonic presents well-known scaling factors from small scale vessels (such as tubes and flasks) and demonstrates the use of these scaling factors to select conditions (fill volume, shaking speeds) for cultivation of CHO cells in the SB10-X. Results are compared to a 250ml flask and 1L STBR for a given set of flask cultivation equivalents.

The SB10-X completes the scalable cultivation range available from Kuhner Shaker to span from 1ml (or less) in well plates, all the way up to 2,500L in our SB2500-X single use bioreactor. Presentation of the poster was in parallel to our exhibition booth featuring an SB10-X on our LS-X shaker. The system generated a lot of interest and demo bookings are now being taken. For more information or to reserve your free demo of the system please contact us.

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