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28. October 2015
Relaunch of the Shaking Technology Group on LinkedIn

LinkedIn FST

With a new concept and a new team of moderators, the LinkedIn Group of the Shaking Technology Forum was reactivated last month.

The group serves as platform for users of shaken bioreactors; no matter which reactor size is used (e.g. microplates, tubes, shake flasks or even larger vessels) or which cells are cultivated (mammalian cells, microorganisms, fungi, insect or plant cells). It aims to enable fruitful discussions about shaken bioreactors between members from all application fields and with different levels of experience.

Group members stay informed about the latest publications, news and trends with regard to shaken bioreactors, dealing with topics like up/down-scaling, online-monitoring, automation or disposable bioreactors. A team of experts from industry and science will respond to every question posted by a group member and try to provide detailed and helpful answers. Group members can also benefit from “Dr. Shakers helpful hints”, answering typical questions of users of shaken bioreactors.

The Shaking Technology Group on LinkedIn complements the service provided by the Shaking Technology Forum (www.shakingtechnology.com). Like the website, the LinkedIn group is supported by Kuhner Shaker and four partner companies (TPP, PreSens, PS Biotech and EnzyScreen).

Interested? The Shaking Technology group can be found by simply using the group search function on LinkedIn (key words: “Shaking Technology”). Requests to join the group are answered within a few days.