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30. June 2015
Kuhner Shaker exhibits at ACHEMA 2015



Once again Kuhner Shaker exhibited at the ACHEMA in Frankfurt Germany, the world’s largest fair of process industry for chemical engineering, process engineering and biotechnology. 

The Kuhner Shaker team hosted the well visited booth together with the start-up company PS Biotech, producing Feed Plates. Kuhner presented almost the complete product portfolio. From bench top shakers until the big shaking cabinet and the shaken single use bioreactors from scales 10L until 200L.

Also this ACHEMA Kuhner Shaker took part at the lecture session and Dr. Tibor Anderlei held a presentation about easy scale up and down with orbital shaken bioreactors (from mL to 2500L). The presentation gave an overview of the variety of shaken bioreactors from mL to 2500L scale (microtiter plate, TubeSpin, Erlenmeyer flask, ORBShaker, etc.) focusing on the engineering parameters and introducing online measuring technologies. Furthermore it showed what parameters are important in respect of getting reproducible and scalable cultivation results out of shaken bioreactors. 

After the lecture the attendees were able to observe the ORBShakers at the Kuhner Shaker to get a better feeling for the handling of the orbital shaken bioreactors.