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Your Kuhner shaker team

30. April 2015
Kuhner visits the competition winner in Kazan, Russia


The Kazan Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics (KIBB) won the first price of The Art of Shaking competition with their hilarious video Kazan Shake. Markus and Laura Kühner (CEO and 3rd generation of Kuhner Shaker) together with their Russian distributors visited the winners in Kazan, the capital of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, to personally hand over the first price, a fully equipped Kuhner Shaker ISF1-XC. 

We were received warmly with a full auditorium and an official winner ceremony including a speech from the institutes director. To our surprise we were shown a second new part of the video which we share here in our Blog. 


The Kuhner Shaker, nicely decorated with a ribbon, was standing already at its new home, the KIBB lab, and was ready to be unpacked. With the help of several strong men the shaker was installed and commissioned quickly. Then we all had a toast with champagne.  


We were spoiled with the most generous hospitality. Not only were we given an informative and extensive tour around the institute, the famous Kazan University, Kazan city and the Tatarstan region but we were also invited to a “Dacha”, a typical Russian cottage to celebrate Easter with a delicious barbecue and Eastern specialities together with our new friends.


We want to thank you KIBB for making this visit unforgettable and for making us feel like home. We hope you enjoy working with your special edition of the artistic Kuhner Shaker.

Don’t miss to watch their extended video with the new ending! Watch Kazan Shake Special Video