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30. January 2015
The Making Of University of Novi Sad Shake

Novi Sad Beach

The University of Novi Sad Serbia sent their flasks all over the world for their competition video shoot and they even had the support from a famous sportsman! Read here their funny making of stories:

From our scientific experience we know that the different condition may impact significantly on the results of the process. That is why we decided to include such parameters in our video. So we needed the low temperature and the high temperature at least. We were lucky because the video was filmed during the summer. So the plan was like this: we will pack the flasks with our swimsuits and we will shake during our summer vacation on some nice beach :) The first flask was taken by our friend, student of Novi Sad University and lawyer now, Marko Djakovic, to the island Corfu Greece. Marko took the first shots of the video of that beautiful beach. During the filming he sent us the message: Hey the whole beach wants to shake! :) 
Marko is also main responsible for music in our video and for the video design.

After first shots of our video were filmed we figured out that the temperature for shaking is not increased enough. It was necessary to solve this problem. So, our flasks were prepared and packed for a long trip: they flew to Dubai. Our dear friends, Vojislav and Verica Stupar (who studied at University of Novi Sad, and who now are living and working in Dubai), waited for our flasks at the Dubai airport, and took them immediately to the Dubai desert for shaking under much higher temperature, above 50°C. To shake under such extreme conditions was not easy task for our friends, but not even such extreme conditions could disturb our funny, smiling and hilarious friends :)

As we are speaking on extreme conditions, even more extreme was the task: shaking under low temperature. Our college Jelena Prodanovic, scientific researcher in the field of water technology, packed the flasks in her backpack and climb them directly to one of the highest tops of Alps. As you could see those mountains are covered by snow and ice even in summer. So our task was completed, they were shaken under minus 6°C. I would like to say that this task was extremely hard, because mountaineers like our college Jelena, needed to be very careful during the climbing because in some moments there is the situation where even life is threatened.

So if anybody has a doubt, let me say this: yes our flasks really travelled a lot this summer and yes they really were in Dubai, top of the Alps, and Corfu Greece! :)

As in Serbia we are friendly and open people it was not such an impossible task to get the “help in shake” from our famous sportsman Ervin Katona, the strongest man in the Planet :) We promised him the winning party, but ok it will be the second award gathering :)

They learned us at the faculty: if you want your boss to give you a much higher salary, increase the industrial capacity and double the production ;) That was the leading idea in the scene double shake. We had the amazing help from our colleagues, from faculty of medicine, twin sisters Jovana and Ivana Kvrgic, who are the medical doctors and also one of the best, now, PhD students.

Let’s say that 20 people participated in the filming of this video, but the main team consists of 12 of us.

A big thank you to the University of Novi Sad Shake Group from the Kuhner Team for the great video and for sharing your behind the scenes stories! 
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