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19. December 2014
The Making Of Wames Blond

Wames Blond

Have you noticed the movie Wames Blond was viewed over 7800 times? There is an astonishing reason behind that number!  The Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover team tells us why they have so many clicks and how they got inspired in their making of summary: 

As a PhD student at the Institute of Technical Chemistry you will be constantly faced with extraordinary challenges. "Show us how or what you shake" Kuhner wanted to know in September from us.

After a little brainstorming of the film crew, it was soon clear when it comes to shaking, then it must be James Bond - or better - Wames Blond. The main actor Philip Grünert had the right outfit in the closet and the equipment of the TCI pilot plant delivered laser, dry ice and the heavy-duty crane for the spectacular videoshoot through the ceiling of 3 floors. The video shooting for Wames Blond was done in just one weekend and was for everyone involved a great change from the laboratory routine.

After the video has been viewed about 500 times in a short time, our Institute Director Professor Thomas Scheper was so thrilled that he wanted to support us with an additional action: a donation of 500 Euros for the Children's Hospice Lionheart in Syke, when 10,000 clicks would be achieved by 1st of November.

Ultimately, it was "only" 7800 clicks but it was still donated. The participation in this creative competition was worth it, even if it was not enough to win the shaker.

Participants (11 in total)

- Philipp Grünert (main actor)
- Steffen Hartwig (camera und director)
- Lukas Raddatz (camera)
- Semra Alemdar (production designer)
- Christian Ude (production designer, background artist)
- Roman Hillje (background artist)
- Tim Lücking (film editor, producer)
- Christoph Busse (film editor, producer)
- Sabrina Baganz (make-up and costume)
- Gesa Brockmeier (skript)
- Thorsten Strempel (requisites) 

The Kuhner team was very impressed and touched that the shaking competition lead to even a charitable contribution. Well done Wames Blond crew!

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