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Your Kuhner shaker team

12. November 2014
The Art of Shaking Competition Winner

Dear Contestants,

today we announce the winner! Are you nervous?

First of all, we were hugely impressed by the great videos you sent us!  They by far exceeded our expectations.  In our eyes, every single video is unique, special and professional. You showed us that lab people are very creative indeed!!!

It was not easy to choose a winner from your 18 excellent videos. Therefore each company employee, including our subsidiaries in the USA, UK and Spain, as well as the artist Lina Furlenmeier, was involved in the evaluation process. 49 Kuhner colleagues in total. Three criteria were used to evaluate each video: creative idea, realization of idea and commitment & effort. You can see how much fun the company had doing the evaluation.  

Kuhner Thumps up
The Kuhner team, including the artist Lina Furlenmeier herself (front, right), carrying out the evaluation.

We showed your videos at our exhibitions in Barcelona (Expoquimia) and Boston (BPI Process) which made visitors laugh while passing by. They will also be shown at the shaking technology seminars we hold worldwide. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be famous… be ready!

Videos at exhibition
Showing the videos at Expoquimia

We are super curious about where your inspiration came from and the experiences you had while preparing the video. If you wish to share your stories, we would be more than happy to publish them here in our KuhnerBlog. The official hand over of the prize will be at the winner’s site and we’ll also feature this in our Blog. If possible, we’d like to visit and personally meet all contestants.

We thank each and every person who participated (actors, directors, film editors, camera crew, etc.),  for your great ideas and all your effort. The competition’s goal was for you to have a fun time with your team and we can tell from your work that you did.

With your videos you’ve brought big smiles to our faces and to those of everyone around the world who watches them! This credit belongs to you!

On behalf of the Kuhner Shaker team: congratulations to all!

Laura Kühner

Finally, the winner and proud owner of the unique Kuhner Shaker ISF1-X is…