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Welcome to our new Kuhner Blog! As you know we are a manufacturer of shakers but our company does even more. Step behind the scenes and read more about Kuhner Life. The blog is intended to inform and connect the Shaking Biotech community.  The Kuhner Blog can also be the platform to share your work with our international network.  Feel free to send us an email with your preferred blog text and we’ll post it here.

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The DECHEMA expert committee meets in Basel

by Kuhner Shaker | Dec 23, 2015


The DECHEMA expert committee meeting „Single-Use-Technology in biopharmaceutical production“ took place last October in Basel.  The host were this time Celonic AG and Kühner AG. The two-day meeting began at Celonic AG. Celonic AG offered a tour through their laboratories and an aperitif. In the evening the 44 participants enjoyed a sightseeing tour through Basel and had the opportunity to network during a dinner.

The next day the group gathered at the Kühner AG. A presentation about Kühner AG opened the meeting. Thereafter it was discussed and worked intensively in the groups “Leachables and extractables”, ”Characterization of single-use-bioreactors”, “Single-use-bioreactors for microbial applications” and “Facilities of the future”. A company tour and a light meal ended the program.

Since the last five years, Single-Use Systems for Up- and Downstream processing in the production of biopharmaceutics gained importance. The DECHEMA founded in 2010 a working group “Single-Use-Technologies in the biopharmaceutical production” which includes all activities in the field of single-use technology in research, production line and application and on this basis generates a status paper to the actual scientific and technical state of knowledge. Since this area of research has become future-oriented the working group was transformed into an expert committee in 2014.

Relaunch of the Shaking Technology Group on LinkedIn

by Kuhner Shaker | Oct 28, 2015

LinkedIn FST

With a new concept and a new team of moderators, the LinkedIn Group of the Shaking Technology Forum was reactivated last month.

The group serves as platform for users of shaken bioreactors; no matter which reactor size is used (e.g. microplates, tubes, shake flasks or even larger vessels) or which cells are cultivated (mammalian cells, microorganisms, fungi, insect or plant cells). It aims to enable fruitful discussions about shaken bioreactors between members from all application fields and with different levels of experience.

Group members stay informed about the latest publications, news and trends with regard to shaken bioreactors, dealing with topics like up/down-scaling, online-monitoring, automation or disposable bioreactors. A team of experts from industry and science will respond to every question posted by a group member and try to provide detailed and helpful answers. Group members can also benefit from “Dr. Shakers helpful hints”, answering typical questions of users of shaken bioreactors.

The Shaking Technology Group on LinkedIn complements the service provided by the Shaking Technology Forum (www.shakingtechnology.com). Like the website, the LinkedIn group is supported by Kuhner Shaker and four partner companies (TPP, PreSens, PS Biotech and EnzyScreen).

Interested? The Shaking Technology group can be found by simply using the group search function on LinkedIn (key words: “Shaking Technology”). Requests to join the group are answered within a few days.

Get to know PS Biotech

by Kuhner Shaker | Jul 23, 2015

PS Biotech Logo (3144x480)

PS Biotech GmbH is a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University and DWI at RWTH Aachen e.V.  The business idea is based on a successful research collaboration between AVT at RWTH Aachen and DWI Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials Research concerning fed-batch feeding of micro¬≠organisms in high-throughput screenings. PS Biotech develops, manufactures and sells polymer solutions especially designed for applications in biotechnology. If you face a challenge and need a partner, just call PS Biotech. Locomotive product of the company is the Feed Pate® which enables fed-batch feeding of microorganisms in microplates.

Have we awakened your interest? Visit us at our website: www.psbiotech.com

Forum Shaking Technology has a new person in charge

by Kuhner Shaker | May 31, 2015

Shaking Technology Logo w Vanessa
Vanessa Schmitt from the University RWTH Aachen is the new person behind the Forum Shaking Technology. The aim of the forum is to provide developers and users of shaken bioreactors with support and information. The Forum Shaking Technology is pleased to welcome Vanessa in the team and wishes her all the best!

Visit the forum at: www.shakingtechnology.com

Forum Shaking Technology - answers to questions concerning shaken bioreactors

by Kuhner Shaker | Jul 29, 2014


Supported by four partner companies (EnzyScreen, Kuhner AG, PreSens and TPP Techno Plastic Products AG), "Forum Shaking Technology" began in 2008 to provide developers and users of shaken bioreactors with support and information.

The website offers help to anyone searching for more information on shaken bioreactors. It includes an FAQ section, a free scientific publication database which is constantly updated, newsletters on the most recent innovations in technology, and most important- Dr Shaker, the figurehead of the Forum Shaking Technology.

Dr Shaker answers any questions about shaken cultures - connecting users with specialists from academia and industry if necessary. Enquiries and user information are treated confidentially and questions are always forwarded anonymously.

Who is the person behind Dr Shaker? Britta Anderlei, a laboratory experienced micro-biologist. She created the forum website and continues to manage its content, keeping it up to date with the latest developments in the sector.

The four partner companies cover most sizes of shaken bioreactors, from microplates (Enzyscreen), small scale bioreactors (TPP) and online monitoring systems (PreSens), to shakers and very large vessels (Kuhner). Forum visitors benefit from their broad knowledge.

The Forum aims to address new topics, give impulses and create interest in different methods. The Forum also provides fundamental background information on shaking such as the important influence of shaking diameter or filling volume. Users are able to challenge their standard laboratory procedures and potentially improve their results.

Curious? If you want to learn more about Forum Shaking Technology, or already have a question in mind for Dr Shaker – please visit: www.shakingtechnology.com