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Your Kuhner shaker team

Kuhner Shaker France

by Kuhner Shaker | Aug 28, 2017

Logo Kuhner Shaker SARL_v2

We are really happy to announce the opening of our French Branch.

The new office is based in Lyon, Sanofi Pasteur’s cradle. This region is one of the most active in France for Biotechnology.

Céline Vinson is running the new company Kuhner Shaker SARL as Sales director. She has a background in sales and marketing and worked previously for a company specialized in innovative sensors for bioreactors.

Céline Vinson will coordinate the French market and support existing and new customers directly.

Kuhner Shaker BeNeLux

by Kuhner Shaker | Jul 31, 2017

Logo Kuhner Shaker BV_Netherlands

On the 1st of April a new branch of Kuhner Shaker started in Delft, the Netherlands. This new office will assist our customers in Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands with sales, scientific support and technical services. Kuhner Shaker BV is managed by Wouter van der Meer who has been representing Kühner for several years in the Dutch market via another organisation. Wouter has a background in Microbiology and Biotechnology combined with a degree in Biochemistry and therefore a good understanding of critical points in shaken cultures. He believes that the combination of the unrivalled quality, expertise and strong support that Kuhner has to offer makes the difference in the fast-developing market of Biotech.

10th Bioprocess Innovation Leaders Summit 2017, Berlin

by Kuhner Shaker | Mar 02, 2017

Berlin Congress 2017
In February, the annual "Bioprocess Innovation Leaders Summit" took place in Berlin. At the international conference some 200 decision makers and scientists from the areas of biological production, bioprocess development and up- and downstream processing met. The two-day meeting at the Crowne Plaza Hotel began with exciting lectures on biosimilars and downstream strategies. Between the lectures the participants were on both days able to exchange among themselves and with the exhibitors in the foyer and enjoy a good snack.

The Kuhner Shaker team presented at the well-attended booth the bench top shaker equipped with a wide range of holders for shaking flasks and microtiter plates and feed beads as well. Also the demand for the SB shaken bioreactors was high. After a panel discussion about the future of bioprocess development, the participants were able to end the first evening with a gala dinner. Kuhner was delighted about a successful exhibition in the emerging biotechnology city of Berlin.

Save the date: ESACT 2017 in Switzerland

by Kuhner Shaker | May 31, 2016


In one year from now the 25th ESACT Meeting will take place in Lausanne Switzerland. The European Society for Animal Cell Technology connects scientists, engineers and specialist working with animal cells to exchange European and International experiences in research and production. The meeting is a great platform to interact with participants from around the world and to learn about the newest innovations in the Animal Cell Technology. The venue will be the new Swiss Tech Convention Centre in Lausanne, near the beautiful Geneva lake.

Our company will be exhibiting at the ESACT. We are also honoured to be part of the organisation committee. Save the date May 14th – 17th 2017! It would be our pleasure to welcome you at our booth at the ESACT 2017!


Prepared in case of fire

by Kuhner Shaker | Apr 28, 2016

Fire Safety

Not only the training of first aid is important for us but also the knowledge of how to correctly extinguish a fire to prevent major damage.

Therefore, we invited a fire safety specialist who taught all Kuhner Shaker employees in Switzerland which kind of extinguish media is available, the different fire classes, how to act in case of fire, how to handle different fire extinguisher and it was practiced how to safely extinguish a fire on a fire simulator.

It was a fiery and interesting training. However, we hope we will never ever have to use a fire extinguisher! Fingers crossed :)

Safety first

by Kuhner Shaker | Mar 31, 2016

Safety first

Our employee’s safety is very important to us. For this the purchase of an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) was realised. A well experienced health professional trained several internal paramedics in our company. They learnt how to apply the AED. Additionally, the training contained a first aid course adapted to our factory. The internal paramedics diligently practiced resuscitation attempts at a doll.

Seminar in Munich

by Kuhner Shaker | Feb 29, 2016
Hochschule München

This time we organised the seminar „Advances in Shaking Bioreactors“ in the capital city of Bavaria Munich last December. Attendees from industry and university followed with interests the presentations from Kristina Bruellhoff (PS Biotech), Wouter Duetz (Enzyscreen) and Tibor Anderlei (Kuhner Shaker). The seminar was supported by Prof. Robert Huber from the University of Applied Science Munich. On the one hand Prof. Huber presented about “Application of a parallel small scale system” and on the other hand he organised the meeting room and the catering. Thank you very much for all the support ;-)

Poster presentation Single Use Bioreactor SB10-X for Cell Culture Scale-Up and Bulk Protein Production

by Kuhner Shaker | Jan 29, 2016

Poster SB10-X

Kuhner has presented a poster at Peptalk in San Diego, CA Jan 18-20, 2016 titled: “A New Orbital-Mixed 2L-12L Single Use Bioreactor for Cell Culture Scale-Up and Bulk Protein Production”.

This poster, a collaborative effort between Daniel Luescher of Celonic AG and Kuhner Shaker AG, features cell culture data from Celonic AG in the SB10-X single use bioreactor. The SB10-X is Kuhner Shaker’s 2L-12L single use bioreactor and has been successfully used to cultivate mammalian, microbial and plant cells. The poster with Celonic presents well-known scaling factors from small scale vessels (such as tubes and flasks) and demonstrates the use of these scaling factors to select conditions (fill volume, shaking speeds) for cultivation of CHO cells in the SB10-X. Results are compared to a 250ml flask and 1L STBR for a given set of flask cultivation equivalents.

The SB10-X completes the scalable cultivation range available from Kuhner Shaker to span from 1ml (or less) in well plates, all the way up to 2,500L in our SB2500-X single use bioreactor. Presentation of the poster was in parallel to our exhibition booth featuring an SB10-X on our LS-X shaker. The system generated a lot of interest and demo bookings are now being taken. For more information or to reserve your free demo of the system please contact us.

Download Poster

View our poster gallery

New branch in Germany, Kuhner Shaker GmbH

by Kuhner Shaker | Sep 30, 2015
Clemens Blogbanner

In July 2015 a new branch Kuhner Shaker GmbH was founded in Germany. The company is located in Aachen, Germany, and will take over the sales and service for Kuhner shaker machines in Germany. The office in Aachen is run by Clemens Lattermann, who is the new Director of Sales and Service in the German office. Clemens studied Mechanical Engineering at the RWTH Aachen University and did his doctoral studies in the development and characterization of a hydrogel based fed-batch microtiter plate at the Chair of Biochemical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University. The contact and the location close to the Chair of Biochemical Engineering provide new opportunities in the development of novel Kuhner products in the future. Clemens started on September 1st and is the new contact person for the German customers of Kuhner.

Kuhner Shaker exhibits at ACHEMA 2015

by Kuhner Shaker | Jun 30, 2015



Once again Kuhner Shaker exhibited at the ACHEMA in Frankfurt Germany, the world’s largest fair of process industry for chemical engineering, process engineering and biotechnology. 

The Kuhner Shaker team hosted the well visited booth together with the start-up company PS Biotech, producing Feed Plates. Kuhner presented almost the complete product portfolio. From bench top shakers until the big shaking cabinet and the shaken single use bioreactors from scales 10L until 200L.

Also this ACHEMA Kuhner Shaker took part at the lecture session and Dr. Tibor Anderlei held a presentation about easy scale up and down with orbital shaken bioreactors (from mL to 2500L). The presentation gave an overview of the variety of shaken bioreactors from mL to 2500L scale (microtiter plate, TubeSpin, Erlenmeyer flask, ORBShaker, etc.) focusing on the engineering parameters and introducing online measuring technologies. Furthermore it showed what parameters are important in respect of getting reproducible and scalable cultivation results out of shaken bioreactors. 

After the lecture the attendees were able to observe the ORBShakers at the Kuhner Shaker to get a better feeling for the handling of the orbital shaken bioreactors.

Kuhner visits the competition winner in Kazan, Russia

by Kuhner Shaker | Apr 30, 2015

The Kazan Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics (KIBB) won the first price of The Art of Shaking competition with their hilarious video Kazan Shake. Markus and Laura Kühner (CEO and 3rd generation of Kuhner Shaker) together with their Russian distributors visited the winners in Kazan, the capital of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, to personally hand over the first price, a fully equipped Kuhner Shaker ISF1-XC. 

We were received warmly with a full auditorium and an official winner ceremony including a speech from the institutes director. To our surprise we were shown a second new part of the video which we share here in our Blog. 


The Kuhner Shaker, nicely decorated with a ribbon, was standing already at its new home, the KIBB lab, and was ready to be unpacked. With the help of several strong men the shaker was installed and commissioned quickly. Then we all had a toast with champagne.  


We were spoiled with the most generous hospitality. Not only were we given an informative and extensive tour around the institute, the famous Kazan University, Kazan city and the Tatarstan region but we were also invited to a “Dacha”, a typical Russian cottage to celebrate Easter with a delicious barbecue and Eastern specialities together with our new friends.


We want to thank you KIBB for making this visit unforgettable and for making us feel like home. We hope you enjoy working with your special edition of the artistic Kuhner Shaker.

Don’t miss to watch their extended video with the new ending! Watch Kazan Shake Special Video

Kuhner Seminar Days: Centrifugation, Freeze Drying and Orbital Shaking

by Kuhner Shaker | Mar 20, 2015

Kuhner Seminar days

A series of seminars about centrifugation, freeze-drying and orbital shaking took place at our headquarters in Birsfelden from 28th to 30th January, 2015. Together with customers, we developed some interesting topics enabling us to offer attractive lectures. We then got in touch with suitable speakers (partners and specialists) and were pleased with the positive response.

The aim of the seminars was to provide basic information and present applications, as well as sharing scientific knowledge and practical experience. Attendees found the seminar days very helpful and feedback was positive.

We are already looking forward to the next seminars in 2016. Contact us for more information or let us know which topics are of particular interest to you.

Kuhner Shaking Seminar

by Kuhner Shaker | Feb 26, 2015

Shaking Seminar Birselden

Kuhner AG has been holding seminars about cultivation in shaken bioreactors since 2002. This year a new concept has been successfully implemented to enhance the audience experience, with the addition of experts from Enzyscreen and PS Biotech speaking about their specialities. While Tibor Anderlei (Kühner AG) focused on shaken flasks and larger scales, Wouter Duetz (Enzyscreen) concentrated on microtiter plates and Kristina Bruellhoff (PS Biotech) spoke of feeding possibilities in shaken systems.

Positive feedback from the participants confirmed the popularity of the new format and further seminars are already planned.

The Making Of University of Novi Sad Shake

by Kuhner Shaker | Jan 30, 2015
Novi Sad Beach

The University of Novi Sad Serbia sent their flasks all over the world for their competition video shoot and they even had the support from a famous sportsman! Read here their funny making of stories:

From our scientific experience we know that the different condition may impact significantly on the results of the process. That is why we decided to include such parameters in our video. So we needed the low temperature and the high temperature at least. We were lucky because the video was filmed during the summer. So the plan was like this: we will pack the flasks with our swimsuits and we will shake during our summer vacation on some nice beach :) The first flask was taken by our friend, student of Novi Sad University and lawyer now, Marko Djakovic, to the island Corfu Greece. Marko took the first shots of the video of that beautiful beach. During the filming he sent us the message: Hey the whole beach wants to shake! :) 
Marko is also main responsible for music in our video and for the video design.

After first shots of our video were filmed we figured out that the temperature for shaking is not increased enough. It was necessary to solve this problem. So, our flasks were prepared and packed for a long trip: they flew to Dubai. Our dear friends, Vojislav and Verica Stupar (who studied at University of Novi Sad, and who now are living and working in Dubai), waited for our flasks at the Dubai airport, and took them immediately to the Dubai desert for shaking under much higher temperature, above 50°C. To shake under such extreme conditions was not easy task for our friends, but not even such extreme conditions could disturb our funny, smiling and hilarious friends :)

As we are speaking on extreme conditions, even more extreme was the task: shaking under low temperature. Our college Jelena Prodanovic, scientific researcher in the field of water technology, packed the flasks in her backpack and climb them directly to one of the highest tops of Alps. As you could see those mountains are covered by snow and ice even in summer. So our task was completed, they were shaken under minus 6°C. I would like to say that this task was extremely hard, because mountaineers like our college Jelena, needed to be very careful during the climbing because in some moments there is the situation where even life is threatened.

So if anybody has a doubt, let me say this: yes our flasks really travelled a lot this summer and yes they really were in Dubai, top of the Alps, and Corfu Greece! :)

As in Serbia we are friendly and open people it was not such an impossible task to get the “help in shake” from our famous sportsman Ervin Katona, the strongest man in the Planet :) We promised him the winning party, but ok it will be the second award gathering :)

They learned us at the faculty: if you want your boss to give you a much higher salary, increase the industrial capacity and double the production ;) That was the leading idea in the scene double shake. We had the amazing help from our colleagues, from faculty of medicine, twin sisters Jovana and Ivana Kvrgic, who are the medical doctors and also one of the best, now, PhD students.

Let’s say that 20 people participated in the filming of this video, but the main team consists of 12 of us.

A big thank you to the University of Novi Sad Shake Group from the Kuhner Team for the great video and for sharing your behind the scenes stories! 
Watch video

The Making Of Wames Blond

by Kuhner Shaker | Dec 19, 2014

Wames Blond

Have you noticed the movie Wames Blond was viewed over 7800 times? There is an astonishing reason behind that number!  The Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover team tells us why they have so many clicks and how they got inspired in their making of summary: 

As a PhD student at the Institute of Technical Chemistry you will be constantly faced with extraordinary challenges. "Show us how or what you shake" Kuhner wanted to know in September from us.

After a little brainstorming of the film crew, it was soon clear when it comes to shaking, then it must be James Bond - or better - Wames Blond. The main actor Philip Grünert had the right outfit in the closet and the equipment of the TCI pilot plant delivered laser, dry ice and the heavy-duty crane for the spectacular videoshoot through the ceiling of 3 floors. The video shooting for Wames Blond was done in just one weekend and was for everyone involved a great change from the laboratory routine.

After the video has been viewed about 500 times in a short time, our Institute Director Professor Thomas Scheper was so thrilled that he wanted to support us with an additional action: a donation of 500 Euros for the Children's Hospice Lionheart in Syke, when 10,000 clicks would be achieved by 1st of November.

Ultimately, it was "only" 7800 clicks but it was still donated. The participation in this creative competition was worth it, even if it was not enough to win the shaker.

Participants (11 in total)

- Philipp Grünert (main actor)
- Steffen Hartwig (camera und director)
- Lukas Raddatz (camera)
- Semra Alemdar (production designer)
- Christian Ude (production designer, background artist)
- Roman Hillje (background artist)
- Tim Lücking (film editor, producer)
- Christoph Busse (film editor, producer)
- Sabrina Baganz (make-up and costume)
- Gesa Brockmeier (skript)
- Thorsten Strempel (requisites) 

The Kuhner team was very impressed and touched that the shaking competition lead to even a charitable contribution. Well done Wames Blond crew!

Watch video

The Art of Shaking Competition Winner

by Kuhner Shaker | Nov 12, 2014

Dear Contestants,

today we announce the winner! Are you nervous?

First of all, we were hugely impressed by the great videos you sent us!  They by far exceeded our expectations.  In our eyes, every single video is unique, special and professional. You showed us that lab people are very creative indeed!!!

It was not easy to choose a winner from your 18 excellent videos. Therefore each company employee, including our subsidiaries in the USA, UK and Spain, as well as the artist Lina Furlenmeier, was involved in the evaluation process. 49 Kuhner colleagues in total. Three criteria were used to evaluate each video: creative idea, realization of idea and commitment & effort. You can see how much fun the company had doing the evaluation.  

Kuhner Thumps up
The Kuhner team, including the artist Lina Furlenmeier herself (front, right), carrying out the evaluation.

We showed your videos at our exhibitions in Barcelona (Expoquimia) and Boston (BPI Process) which made visitors laugh while passing by. They will also be shown at the shaking technology seminars we hold worldwide. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be famous… be ready!

Videos at exhibition
Showing the videos at Expoquimia

We are super curious about where your inspiration came from and the experiences you had while preparing the video. If you wish to share your stories, we would be more than happy to publish them here in our KuhnerBlog. The official hand over of the prize will be at the winner’s site and we’ll also feature this in our Blog. If possible, we’d like to visit and personally meet all contestants.

We thank each and every person who participated (actors, directors, film editors, camera crew, etc.),  for your great ideas and all your effort. The competition’s goal was for you to have a fun time with your team and we can tell from your work that you did.

With your videos you’ve brought big smiles to our faces and to those of everyone around the world who watches them! This credit belongs to you!

On behalf of the Kuhner Shaker team: congratulations to all!

Laura Kühner

Finally, the winner and proud owner of the unique Kuhner Shaker ISF1-X is…

Kuhner produces its own electricity

by Kuhner Shaker | Oct 22, 2014

Kuhner Solar web

The Kuhner energy is produced on the company’s roofs. Since May 2013 Kühner AG generates up to 64 kW on sunny days with more than 200 solar panels and avoids more than 54 tons of CO2 per year!

Kuhner Shaker, Inc. expands with second location: Boston

by Kuhner Shaker | Aug 20, 2014

Kuhner Shaker, the leading provider of shaker-incubators to the Life Science and Biotechnology sector, is pleased to announce the opening of their second US office, this one near Boston, MA. From this new office and warehouse the company is expanding its capacity to offer a local supply of instruments, accessories, parts and service to their customers on the East Coast. The Boston operation is capable of providing fast response and full support to its rapidly expanding East Coast customer base. The location has been designed with an open concept layout to facilitate evolving customer needs

David Laidlaw, CEO of Kuhner Shaker, Inc. states, “We are thrilled to have Brian Trippe, Director of Sales and Service, join our operations and to have added our second US office in as many years. From this new office we offer expanded hours of availability and access to Kuhner service for our East Coast customer base. Additionally, from this facility we will enjoy expanded time-zone overlap with our headquarters and factory in Basel, Switzerland – where 100% of our design, fabrication, assembly and Quality Control take place. Together we will continue to work with our Swiss office to provide the level of customer experience we expect for our valued customers.”

"Kuhner Shaker is excited to offer this new level of service and support to our North American customer base."

Brian Trippe comments, “Our immediate objective is to provide an elevated level of local contact for our existing customer relationships on the East Coast. Our customers deserve a fast response to their requests; this is the value of having a local office. Boston is a major biotechnology hub and being here are allows a quick, local response which extends all the way down the coast. As we establish this location we are eager to work with our end-users to shape the specific services we provide for them.”

For more information you may contact Kuhner Inc. directly or visit their website at: www.kuhnershaker.us